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Want to get started with Impact? We begin with a comprehensive property evaluation conducted by an Impact Manager. We provide a report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the property. Based on this report, we design a comprehensive management plan unique to your property. We will help you establish long-term goals and enhance daily operations. Contact Us.

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Building management that makes an IMPACT.

We opened the doors of Impact Real Estate Management in 1997 and have been striving to deliver the highest quality of personalized management services ever since. Each Impact site manager is hand-picked for his or her expertise, attention to detail and knowledge. Our fully-staffed back office and staff lawyer work with managers to make sure your property is ready to face any challenge.

Note: see Stuart Halper interviewed by Habitat Magazine.Learn more...
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If your condo or co-op requires professional, hands-on management, talk to the team at Impact Management. We deliver excellence in all areas vital to the successful management of your property. With Impact, you'll be guided to fiscal health and stability.

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