Our offices are conveniently located in Long Island City. We serve New York's five boroughs, Long Island and Westchester.

About Impact Real Estate Management

Stuart Halper and Gregory Cohen opened the doors of Impact Real Estate Management in 1997 with the goal of providing better service than what was then offered by other management companies. Since then, they have been bringing service, integrity, and warmth to their work in real estate management. Stuart, Gregory, and their team of managers have handled a range of property types including those experiencing financial turmoil. With their broad experience in real estate, law, and finance, Impact’s founders turned these properties back towards health and prosperity.

Impact's owners pride themselves on their accessibility and involvement in every property they manage. Their hands-on approach has won many satisfied customers, as well as awards of excellence from Habitat Magazine.

Impact's managers

Each Impact site manager is hand-picked for expertise, high performance, attention to detail, and character. Impact requires a minimum of five years experience in the field, four years of college, and a committment to continuing education. Together with an experienced back office staff, Impact offers clients a team of experts you can rely on to care about your property.

We're proud to be members of:

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CAI Institute

Council of New York Cooperatives

Federation of NY Housing Cooperatives

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