We make your property our priority

Our in-house accounting staff ensures the financial well-being of your property.

  • We collect and deposit maintenance fees, late fees and special assessments into designated accounts, and maintain full/accurate records.
  • We utilize a comprehensive deposit ticket
    program to reduce errors.
  • We establish individual reserve accounts, upon request.
  • We send delinquency notices to owners who are in arrears and exert every reasonable effort to collect on these accounts.
  • In the event of failure to collect delinquent, pursue payment through collection agencies, attorneys or other board-approved method.
  • We obtain and analyze bids for insurance coverage specified in by-laws, and recommend modifications or additional coverage as needed.
  •  We also prepare claims when required, follow up on payments and act as the Board’s representative in negotiating settlements.

Let Impact assist your property in property in financial management and bookkeeping.


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