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Property Management

At the heart of Impact's services: The day to day care
of your property.

Impact's administrative serves are custom-designed for every client, with computerized monthly maintenance bills, budget analysis, financial statements, general ledger and delinquent lists. In addition, we provide our clients with 24-hour emergency coverage. We pay attention to detail so nothing is overlooked, and we work in close partnership with boards so we stay one step ahead of problems.

  • IMPACT’s managers attend monthly and annual board meetings to provide information and support.
  • We prepare notices for annual meetings including proxies, agendas and minutes.
  • We collect, organize and maintain a complete file of all legal documents, including public reports, declarations, by-laws, insurance policies, owners’ lists, correspondence, house rules, blueprints and project specifications.
  • ​Using HomeWise Documents, we will store and make available all important co-op documents including bylaws, financial statements, floor plans, questionnaires and more.

We make sure your property is secure and ready to face the challenges of today’s real estate market.

Our managers cover New York City, visiting the properties we manage on a regular basis.