Here's what Impact Clients say:

"As a condo owner, identifying and selecting the best possible management company to oversee your building is of critical importance. About three years ago, our building selected Impact Management. They are professional and responsive. Carmen Martinez, the property manager for our building is a pleasure to work with – very involved, informed, and responsive. With property management, there will inevitably be issues, as there are so many moving parts to consider with every decision. What distinguishes one company from another is the efficiency and expediency with which these issues are addressed. When there have been issues, Impact’s executives have stepped up to address the concerns expressed by the owners to ensure that our needs are met and appropriate action taken. "

- Candie Strickler-Montoro

"I have been the homeowner representative for my condominium complex for over 25 years. For the past 14 years we have engaged the services of Impact Management. Prior to that we went through 2 other management companies. Impact has been the most pro-active, responsive and service-oriented company by far. Stuart Halper, Esq. and Greg Cohen are the company owners and both have been very accessible to me. Stuart Halper has provided quality legal representation and has been instrumental in maintaining our zero arrears record. Greg Cohen is well versed on the latest regulations affecting the real estate industry and has been very informative at our homeowners meetings. Back office personnel Fidel, Karin and Barbara are invaluable assets to me and I interact with them almost on a bi-weekly basis. My phone calls are always returned without delay. Impact's staff works as a tight knit team and my questions are fielded in a professional and congenial manner. Our home sales turn over quickly because of Impact's attention to detail and their ability to nip potential problems in the bud. I couldn't be happier with Impact's long-time representation of our premises and would recommend them without hesitation to anyone in search of a topnotch, hands-on management team."

- Eileen Lechki

"I am the VP of a 276 unit Coop in Brooklyn. The owners are great people to deal with. One of them is an attorney who really understands real estate. Even though we have our own lawyer, it is nice to get another opinion. After 3 other management companies in 9 years, they are the ones who made the blue print that put us on the right track."

-Board Member

"I have worked with Impact Management for,15 years,as a member of a board. They are true professionals and practice customer service excellance. This company responds quickly to any issue we have and the attorney Mr.Halper is always patient with any question and has a sense of urgency when responding. Impact Management truly cares about the residents of the homes it manages and makes the job of every board member easier. I am very grateful to them for the excellent service."

​-Board Member

"I am the president of my 40 unit condominium in Queens, NY. Impact was hired to transition from sponsor management. The transition has been wonderful. The sponsor realized that Impact understood the management business and was eager to work with them. The sponsor still has a significant ownership stake in the Condo. The individual owners as well as the board of managers recognizes Impact s ability to bring a business like approach yet with a personal touch. The two owners constantly monitor the e-mails between board members and the manager so that they can interject their years of experience. When we interviewed Impact, they promised the owners would remain in touch and would not be distant. This makes all the difference. They actually pick up the telephone when you call them and they know the issues of our condo. We made the right decision and I would make the same decision again. I am looking forward to a long relationship with this company."

- John, Board Member

"This is the best management company in the entire NY Metropolitan Area. They have been managing my 210 unit cooperative since 2005 and have provided the service that we sought since 1983 when the coop was created. They are responsive, accurate and I am able to speak with the owners to solve any issue that I am having. I have been on the board of directors for the last eight years and would only continue if Impact were the management co."

-Board Member

"I am president of my condominium. I've been with Impact management for 17 years.They are different than most management companies because they are there when you need them and they work hard, but they are not pushy and overbearing.It is great having stuart to answer all your legal questions.It is such a great convenience !! Karin is just amazing she is great at everyrhing she does !! !! you need it she gets it !! Fidel is also wonderful !! He does all the bills and always helps with my budgets.always with a smile, everyone at Impact is great ! Impact not only feels like your dealing with a professional company but also like your amongst family."

- Ree V. , Board President

"Impact Management has been very responsive to emails and requests. They also have a good financial system setup, where periodic updates are sent out for review by the board members. They get involved with maintenance and issues on a personal level and meet up with the contractors/plumbers/electricians, etc. face-to-face to negotiate the work efforts. They also are very helpful in sourcing different services to provide options with respect to reliability, pricing and lead time. We are happy with Impact and will continue to work with them for a long time to come."

- Impact Client


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